Everything you need to manage tasks, made simple!

Whether you keep your personal to-do list or work in a team, hiTask is equally easy and fun to use.

Everything On One Screen

You can always see all your tasks with a simple and intuitive user interface, all easy to identify. Your tasks, your calendar, your team, all in one place. Click on tasks to expand and modify. Use drag-and-drop to assign or modify.

Smart Grouping

Switch between tabs to group your tasks in different ways: by Date to see what's coming today, this week or later. By Project to see tasks organized into projects. By Team member to see who is working on what.

Drag-and-Drop Everywhere

Use drag-and-drop to organize our tasks:assign or modify. Drag task on to team mate to assign. Move between projects. Drag to calendar to change date.

Help Is Always on Hand

Access help with one click, right from the app. Get answers and explore features.

Many Ways To Organize. Your Choice.

User projects to organize into projects. Create hierarchical sub-tasks. Add tags to organize tasks with similar context. Add color tags.

File Sharing

Attach files to tasks and projects. Share files with your team. Use drag-n-drop to attach documents to tasks and projects.

Time Management

Record time spent on tasks and projects. Generate time and progress reports. Record spent time automatically with the task timer.

Powerful Reporting

Generate reports by time, project, or single task. Get overview of project progress. Maximize time management.

Synchronize With Google Calendar

Full two-way synchronization with Google Calendar and Google Tasks.
Your tasks and events appear in Google Calendar and events from Google Calendar appear in hiTask. Any changes you make synchronize automatically between hiTask and Google Calendar.

Create Tasks From Email

Send an email to your HiTask account, and tasks will be created.

A Task Manager Tool Designed For Teams

A HiTask Business account allows you to delegate tasks and projects, share your calendar, track time spent on a task, and communicate better with your team - all in one straightforward, beautifully-designed application.

Improve Coordination and Productivity

A HiTask Team account allows you to keep your entire business team informed about the current agenda. Just share the task with the team and everyone has access to view it.

Scheduling and File Sharing is Easy

When you create a scheduled event, everyone on your team receives a notification direct to their calendars. Upload a file, or use drag and drop, to attach it to a task so that your team mates can view and download it.


You will be notified of any events that require your attention. Get notified when your task is complete, when you receive new assignment, when comment is added to a task.

Shared Tasks and Projects

Team account allows you to organize your work on a different level with shared tasks and projects. All your team members are able to see all projects and participate in any task.

Keep Business and Personal Separate

Team account is flexible: you can have private tasks and projects visible only to you or person you assign them to.

Team Collaboration

Share task, projects, and to-do lists with your team. Leave comments in a task for others to read. View your team mates time logs with the Time report.

Online Calendar

Book meetings, schedule appointments, and share events with your team with the online calendar.

File Sharing

Attach a file, or multiple files, to a task so that you can share it with your team mates.


Get started today

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HiTask was launched in 2006 and trusted by more than 500,000 users and organizations in more than 60 countries around the world. HiTask is used in many well-known Fortune 1000 companies and organizations around the world including many government agencies and departments.


Your data is safe and secure with HiTask.
HiTask is hosted at a highly secure datacenter at Washington, DC. The data is stored and maintained under strictest security standards. We have redundant data mirroring with continuous backup.
All communication between you and HiTask is encrypted using SSL/HTTPS industry standard.

We hear you!

HiTask never stops improving. We like to listen to your feedback and we add new features and enhancements to HiTask on a regular basis.

HiTask API

HiTask provides public API to everyone. This API allows you to build a hiTask client app or integrate hiTask with your infrastructure. API allows you to perform all the operations you can do in hiTask regularly. Use API to import and export your data, create custom reports.

View API documentation on GitHub.


hiTask originated as a friendly and easy-to-use task management system that anyone can start using right away. It is designed to satisfy both followers of David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” methodology and anyone who just needs a quick and easy to-do list tool to manage their everyday tasks.

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