Invest in a To-Do List with Hitask

For the longest time at the brokerage firm, we would either write notes on yellow sticky-pads, and hand-deliver them to the broker, or send them emails (depending on the preference of each broker, of course). Phone calls that needed to be returned, people stopping by the office for a quick "money chat", as well as lunch appointment reminders were constantly being delivered throughout the day creating interruptions for the support staff as well as the brokers. But as the firm grew, we needed a better way to send messages to the brokers rather than sticky-notes and emails.

Hand written notes would often get lost on the brokers desk, and we had no way of assuring them that we delivered the message, leaving an upset broker and, more importantly, a put out client. Emails worked better, but each broker wanted to have their own little personalized system of emailing. And, not every broker was great at checking and using email either.

About a year ago, the support staff got together and decided on using Hitask for inter-office communication with the brokers and branch manager. We use Hitask daily for appointment setting and scheduling, as well as making tasks for the brokers so that they know who to call back. The support staff use Hitask for reminders on our weekly and monthly tasks, like handling regularly scheduled IRA disbursements. Once everyone got on board with Hitask, the communication got better, and the brokers were much more efficient with their client handling. We all found Hitask incredibly easy to use and liked how it made scheduling and task management an effective tool for the office. Hitask has everything that we need to run our office smoothly and efficiently at a very reasonable price.