A Case of Time Management

As a mediator and attorney, I get paid by the hours with which I work on client cases. Before Hitask, I would jot down a time in my notebook when I start and end my meetings. Though it was enough to get by, it was cumbersome because I was constantly flipping through pages to find the time I wrote down. And, I often forgot to write down the time my meetings ended because I was focused on the following appointment. Time tracking this way made billing inaccurate for the client, as well as time consuming for me trying to add up all the time spent meeting, researching, and in litigation.

I use Hitask for time management and for keeping up with appointments. In Hitask, I have each client case set up as its own task so that I can accurately track the amount of time I spend on each client. Once the case is completed, I simply take the total accumulated time, and use that for billing. I also use the comments feature in each task for simple note taking and reminders.
No more digging through notebooks, no more guessing when time starts and stops, and everything is located nicely and neatly in a secure webpage for me to find.