How Vizhonn Managed Dozens of Projects and Tasks Easily

Vizhonn is a startup company in its early development stage. They have a lot of projects, tasks, and remote contractors to grow their startup.


Being in early development stage, Vizhonn needed a feature-rich yet budget-friendly online project management software to scale controllably. Also, there was a lot of projects, tasks, and workforce waiting in queue and Vizhonn didn't have the luxury to waste time learning complex project management software.


Hitask provided the required project management features with much lower prices than any other software in the industry. Vizhonn decided to give it a go.

They've set up a hierarchical project management system early on to make decisions smarter. This also helped the remote contractors to work more flexibly and transparently.

Each task and project status was reported automatically to its contributors which kept Vizhonn's goals on track. In addition, time-tracking was set up for contractors to better measure the work done for progress payments.


Decreased overhead costs for the company.

Increased productivity with flexible and transparent workflow.

Shortened completion times for projects and tasks.

Client Testimonial

"We've been very impressed with Hitask's online project management software. It has the features of enterprise-grade solutions yet it is priced affordably to match the budget needed of small businesses. One of the features we like most about Hitask is it makes managing remote contactors very easy. At any time, we may be working with up to 10 remote contractors, and Hitask made it easy to organize the projects and tasks assigned to each contractor. If you are looking for a high-quality project management software solution, we recommend Hitask. You will not find a better solution in this pricing range.”

Anjali and Pavithra - co-founders of Vizhonn

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