How JM Consulting Organizes and Automates Software Development Projects

JM Consulting has multiple team members who work in different regions of the world as an IT company. They get continuous requests for software modifications, functionality changes, GUI adjustments, and bug fixes.


A project manager for JM Consulting has the responsibility of managing a small team of programmers. He would work with a client to create a list of software requirements and then he would work with a developer to map out the functionality and create the task list to create the software.

The project manager and the development team were using an onsite whiteboard and spreadsheets to manage projects. The issues they had with this system was inefficient and prone to errors. There was no system for tracking and recording change requests made by the clients or different iterations of the software as it went through the development lifecycle.


One of the software programmers had been using Hitask for managing his personal tasks and suggested that they try using it with a team business account. The project manager and the rest of the team agreed.

They found using Hitask much easier for managing their software development projects. All projects and tasks were listed and clients were added as a team member for specific projects so they could give their feedback. When tasks were completed, everyone on the team who was involved with the tasks was automatically notified including the client. Then, the client could review what had been done and give feedback, which shortened the review stage.

When deadlines were approaching, Hitask would automatically notify team members. This helped the team focus on what order to complete tasks so the main project was on track. Each week the project manager would create a detailed progress report with a click of a button to get an overview.


Increased project completions with higher quality.

Improved communication across all parties of the project.

Decreased bottlenecks and complex review workflow.

Client Testimonial

“Hitask is an invaluable project management tool for our business. It makes it easy to set up and organize our software development projects and tasks to manage updates we need to make. It's helped us streamline and automate much of the work we're doing in the past using whiteboards, spreadsheets, and email. Our clients like Hitask because they always know what we are working on and they can easily give their feedback.”

Vihaan K. - JM Consulting

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