Hitask's Task Manager Goes High Tech

As a web development and social marketing agency, its all about teamwork. Sales staff having to coordinate with designers, who in turn have to satisfy the web programmers. It can get very confusing very quickly about who is in charge of what, what is expected of whom, and when deadlines are due. For years, we tried several different methods of sorting out the responsibilities - paper job tickets, sharing Microsoft Outlook calendars, over-sized dry erase boards, and we even tried to use a server based software. All of these worked in a few ways, but didn't encompass all the needs of our staff, and still left some people out of the loop.

When we purchased a Business Account with Hitask, things fell in line almost immediately. The sales representatives were able to utilize the iPhone Apps while out in the field, while the designers and programmers knew exactly what to expect and when. As a business owner, its important to be able to increase efficiency and communication within the workplace, and Hitask has provided us the means to just that. Our designers are able to precisely track the time it takes to complete client projects, our programmers are able to maintain an effective schedule in order to meet client expectations, our sales force communicates with the support staff better than ever, and management can now delegate tasks without having to hold multiple meetings every week. Everyone can see what the other link in the chain is working on, and is able to plan for new client projects accordingly.

Easy to use, and available in the office, on the road, and at home, using Hitask as our task manager has definitely made our business run much more smoothly.