Hitask is our Virtual Office

With product technicians scattered across the state, it was difficult to coordinate jobs, date and times, and technician availability on a consistent basis.

About a year ago, we implemented Hitask in order for the sales representatives to better communicate with the product technicians. Within a month, we realized just how much time we lost in trying to keep up with technicians schedules and locations. The product technicians also enjoyed using Hitask as it gave them a chance to 'comment' on client situations in order to prepare for their arrival to the job. The sales representatives like using Hitask as well because it allows them to easily assign tasks on the go on their iPhone. And, as a manager, it is great to utilize the reports and time tracking features of Hitask in order to be more accurate on hourly billing as well as keep up with travel times between job sites. Hitask has clearly created a better sense of teamwork within our group.

With Hitask as our company's task manager, we are able to operate seamlessly with only a handful of people in the office, and over 3 dozen employees spread across the state who hardly ever come to the office. Hitask is our "second office".