How Evergreen Unified Management and Increased Revenue

Evergreen is a digital marketing agency providing services for 20 clients with different types of projects. They have 3 in-house employees and 4 remote contractors that are hired per-project.


Evergreen started managing their projects using Google Spreadsheets. Clients were separated by folders and projects were distributed to spreadsheets. Tasks were entered inside related projects as they came. Employees and contractors were assigned by writing names next to each task and deadlines were tracked manually.

The system was getting cumbersome and inefficient. Scaling to larger projects and handling customer feedback was a mess. Evergreen saw the disaster coming so they've searched for an online project management software. Luckily they've found Hitask.


Within 15 minutes of exploring Hitask, each of Evergreen’s employees and remote contractors knew how to use the system.

Hitask allowed them to hierarchically structure the project and task system. Assigning tasks with sub-tasks, uploading documents, and setting up deadlines made it easier for each team member to find anything related to each project.

Tasks assigned to team members were automatically tracked if deadlines were missed. All members involved with that task, as well as the manager, were automatically notified of any change made immediately.

Each team member recorded their time spent on each task which later on was reported to the client for accounting and billing more professionally.


Increased revenue and productivity by 15%.

Increased customer satisfaction and happiness.

Decreased communication errors with unified management.

Client Testimonial

“We recommend Hitask to any business that needs to manage multiple clients and numerous projects, especially if you use remote employees or contractors. Hitask makes real-time project management easy.”

J. Evergreen - Evergreen Digital Marketing Agency

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