How Neko Improved Collaboration and Completed Projects Faster

Neko is a design company which creates various websites with custom functionalities. They collaborate with designers and developers to meet client expectations accurately.


The system Neko used to manage projects was a couple of whiteboards, Excel spreadsheets, email, and Google Hangouts instant messaging. It was tedious to manage and organize projects that were spread out to too many mediums.

As Neko started getting new customers, tracking project status was getting harder each day. This caused communication issues, errors, and project delays because there was no centralized system for collaboration.


Not long after finding Hitask, the owner of Neko Design decided to move all his projects and team to Hitask. After completely getting set up in 24 hours, all of the company projects, tasks, and files were centralized and easily accessible.

Team members were assigned to projects and tasks with deadlines. Customers were kept in the loop by sharing tasks which gave them the opportunity to provide valuable feedback.

Files were uploaded to specific tasks to keep track of documents easily. Tasks were scheduled and due dates were edited when changes needed to be made.

Team members made sure to meet client expectations by setting up automated task notifications to get feedback. Also, other team members associated with the same task got notified of changes automatically.


Increased project completion rates by 20%.

Improved client’s experience and satisfaction with the company.

Decreased project management stress and errors.

Client Testimonial

“Hitask is a lifesaver. Our rapid growth was making project management difficult and the quality of our work was suffering. Hitask made setting up and managing projects really easy. With Hitask we’re all on the same page now and it makes our daily workflow very organized. I highly recommend Hitask to any business that wants a powerful yet easy to use online project management system.”

Nick P. - Neko Design

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